May 1, 2013

Use Chrome/Firefox search engine functionality to directly jump into a specific issue from your tracking system

If you, like myself, very frequently have to jump right into a specific issue from your tracking system (JIRA, Redmine, Bitbucket, Trac, etc.) and find you it annoying having to use the search functionality or manually modify the URL below is a small productivity hint that might like.

Chrome (and Firefox) is equipped with a handy feature enabling to search using the defined search engines right from the browser address bar. You just need to type the search engine name, press tab and enter your query string. This feature can also be used to search for a specific issue in your tracking system.

To configure that in Chrome go to Settings / Basics / Search and enter:

  • your search engine name
  • keyboard shortcut
  • URL with %s which will be replaced with whatever you type in the address bar

For example for JIRA this might look like:

  • issue
  • i

Now type "i" in the address bar, press tab, enter an issue id, hit enter… and you are inside the issue.

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